Magic lucky clover 5 motif bracelet


The four leaf clover whisper: Faith, Luck, Love and Fortune. 

Whimsical four clovers whispers the message that happiness renews itself everyday. 

Highlighted by yellow gold, the various sizes of motifs bring all the wishes and blessings to you and the one you love.

This unique bracelet features the allure of natural mother-of-pearl and black onyx embellishment. Classic with modern contemporary twist. 

18k Gold plated 

Mother of pearl  is reflecting in the rainbow prism of ever changing colours. 

Black onyx 

Alhambra luck clover design curved round beaded


Anti allergic  


Mini Motif: 11mm  Medium Motif: 15mm  Large Motif: 17mm 

Length: 18cm 

Please do not wear it in the shower and put the perfume or any body spray before the jewellery. Avoid to contact with any liquid.

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