Valentine's day! Are you ready?

Here it comes the most beloved day in a year. Have you already decided what you are going to wear? 

Maybe it's not a bad idea to have a Elemis Body Spa and a facial mask tonight.

I always think Valentine's Day should be all about the pink. However, the fashionista Karl said:" Never put pink on!" It's not a colour for a sophisticated lady to wear on a mystery date, so I decide to put on the killing heels 'So Kate' from Christian Louboutin -- the low cut front and the edge line are just perfect designed to show the best of your feet and as flattery as they could be. It's still in the winter time in the UK, full length leather skirt will be my choice to show my relatively tiny waist and cover the hip. Have been working hard for the mermaid line for the last week, I am proud to put on the silk bralet from Topshop Boutique. It's light and bra free. I love the dainty stripe which is just as flirty as a sexy bra. My Acne shine bomber jacket is as functional as it is fashionable. I am always into a tom boy style for daily wear and the jacket will keep me warm in the dark night.  Rolex GMT personalised "I love you" will be the best match for the minimal all in black! I will stick to all in black--The Valentina from Valentino is one of my favourite perfume. It's sweet, flowery, sexy and long last, the most important thing is the Oud Assoluto slightly richer than the first version, and I think it's perfect for Valentine's night. Now we are talking a little bit about the jewellery. I want to keep it simple and sophisticate, also not too shining. To match my bomber jacket and Rolex sport watch, I just choose our black steel ring set, and the gold ball chunky chain necklace to stand out and high light my simple black outfit. I wear the ring set nearly everyday as it is just easy to wear with anything and I know they will last forever! The chunky gold necklace looks so good with black top. I just can't miss it. 

However, the most exciting moment will be in the bedroom. It doesn't matter if it is on Valentine's day, I like to light my scent candles from Jo Malone in the bedroom at the end of day before bed time. It just makes me feel relaxed and sleep tight.  And what am I going to wear underneath? 

I will leave it to you......